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Eight years ago, we at Kenco Fashion Inc. took a hard look at the denim world and decided it was missing something- an honest jean company! If you’re anything like us then you’re also done with over paying for a jean that obviously wasn’t worth it; so instead of joining the masses in this marked up world of denim, we decided to do something about it. We went straight to the source of this modern jean tragedy and set up shop in LA, right in the heart and soul of today’s fashion denim world. Our goal: to show these overpriced denim demons that high fashion and quality doesn’t have to cost $375 for a pair of jeans. Introducing Adiktd Denim!! Finally A jean company that offers the same quality, better fashions and more styles without robbing you of your dignity when someone asks you how much you paid for your jeans.

At Adiktd Denim we use nothing but the highest quality denim. With no detail spared, every pair of Adiktd jeans comes with our custom satin lining on the inner waist band. We did this just for a little extra comfort. We knew you’d like it. ;) On each pair of Adiktd jeans you will find “Adiktd to Life” printed on the inside of the left cuff so they're ready to rock even when they're rolled up! And, remember you’ll always find our signature “A” embroidered on the right leg of every jean so you know you’re wearing an original Adiktd denim piece.

With nothing but the hottest styles we're sure once you put on our jeans you will be Adiktd!

Adiktd Denim…Adiktd to Life!

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